Pornworld - Horny Black Slut Zaawaadi Gives Her Asshole to Golf Coach in Broad Daylight

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61   8 months ago
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61   8 months ago
While waiting for her golf instructor to show up for her scheduled lesson, Zaawaadi, being the nympho slut that she is, starts masturbating in broad daylight, as she sits in the passenger seat of the golf cart. Minutes later, her instructor Kristof shows up to find her fingering herself doggy style, as she sits on all fours on the golf carts seats. However, Kristof, being the laidback guy that he is, pretends like its not a big deal, and he begins the teaching session. But while hes helping Zaawaadi with her swing, she notices his dick is hard and takes full advantage of the opportunity. She quickly lets him know that she knows he has a hard dick, and once that happens she starts sucking him off. After a bit of skullfucking, the interracial couple goes on to have sex in several different positions on the golf cart's seats. The public fuck session only ends after Kristof blows a fat loud in Zaawaadis mouth, as she looks intently into his eyes.
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