2022 11 19 Mandy Rhea - Case No. 6615401 - Klepto Stepmom

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75   10 months ago
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75   10 months ago
Mandy just got stopped by her stepson Billy, the mall security manager, after a shoplifting incident. Her stepmom begs him to let her go, but Billy needs to do the procedure for these cases. Soon enough, he finds article after article during the cavity search. Mandy admits she gets a kick out of shoplifting, hoping her stepson understands her particular situation. But Billy has rules to follow, so he thinks of an alternative. Every night, he listens to her and her dad having sex and wants a piece of that fun, so he is willing to let Mandy go if she cooperates. Mandy agrees and reluctantly starts to blow him off. After a while, she starts to really enjoy it, feeling a higher rush than stealing. As the situation gets hornier, he convinces her to fuck. The climax arrives when he cums on her face and promises to delete the tape. Mandy doesn?t need to shoplift anymore, she has a better alternative now.
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